Tour d'Europe EP (2010)

Iceberg EP (2011)

Iceberg EP - TV Noir Special Edition (2011)

We Invented Paris (2011)

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A View That Almost Kills (2012)

Bubbletrees (2012)

Hold on (2012)

Everyone Knows (2013)

Auguste Piccard (2013)

Mont Blanc (2013)

Rocket Spaceship Thing (2014)

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Polar Bears (2014)

When Did I Stop (2017)


Looking Back (2017)


Kaleidoscope (2017)


Catastrophe (2017)



Spectacular Spectacular is a Basel-based record label and music company established in 2011. We are enthusiastic music lovers who have been gaining experience in the media business for many years. We are specialized in the creation and realization of original concepts for emerging artists.

What we do:
Spectacular records, spectacular films, spectacular ideas.

Spectacular Spectacular has released two highly-acclaimed albums including tons of singles and videos by the Swiss artist-collective We Invented Paris. We also planned and supervised the band's marketing stunts and their successful crowdfunding campaign for the second album.

Currently we are working on the collective's third album release.


Spectacular Spectacular GmbH

Quellenweg 1

4410 Liestal